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The Home Spot have expanded to offer an increasing range of exciting new lines for around the home and garden including Mr Beams Lighting products.

After many requests over the years we have taken the decision to introduce ‘The Home Spot’, to bring together new and exciting ranges of quality products to you.

Every week we will be adding new ideas to truly inspire you so why not take the opportunity to sign up now to our new Members Spot to earn rewards and receive great offers.

Mr Beams was originally created to provide high quality lighting solutions around your home. We wanted to expand this ‘solutions’ theme and make it the nucleus of The Home Spot. We are proud to offer exciting new products which help to make your life just that little bit easier around the home and garden. We will soon be adding a home décor section too. After all, why shouldn’t practical and beautiful be side by side! As always, our first class customer service remains our top priority, so enjoy this journey with us.


View our range of products below, Mr Beams Lighting Products & Home Spot Products which solve problems and home security products.

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